Top 10 Home Security Mistakes Everyone Makes

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Top 10 Home Security Mistakes Everyone Makes

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Nobody wants their home burgled, and whether you are there when it happens or not, it is a scary experience and can shatter your sense of security. As the holiday period approaches, Wonderbars has compiled the top ten security risks not to take, and how you can avoid them.

1. Hiding a Key for the Front Door

Even first-time burglars know to check under the doormat. After all, it’s a common place to keep a spare. So what about other spots? Hiding a key under a rock, or in a lawn ornament, a birdhouse, or anywhere outside is offering it to experienced burglars. Instead, be careful with your keys and if need be, give one to a trusted family member or neighbour.

2. Leaving a Ladder Outside

If you have a two-story house, make sure your upstairs windows are locked and your ladder is in the garage or a storage shed. Failing to do these things is almost as bad as leaving a key outside. This is also the case for garden tools like shears.

3. Using Cheap Locks

Consider upgrading to more heavy-duty door and window locks. Many burglars already know how to get through standard locks, so make it as difficult for them as you can. That way they either won’t be able to get them open, or it will take them so long that they won’t bother trying or will get caught.

4. Leaving Garage Door Unlocked

The garage door is one of the easiest ways to break into a house. Burglars can use the hooked end of a wire coat hanger to reach the emergency release lever so they can open the door manually, and it only takes a few seconds. Keep your exterior doors locked, particularly at night and when you are away on holiday.

5. Using Fake Security Equipment

Experienced burglars can probably tell the difference between real and fake equipment. Today you can buy security cameras that can be accessed from your smart phone, and are real deterrents. Investing in your home security solutions is a lifelong asset that returns on its investment with peace of mind and security.

6. Not Enough Outdoor Lighting

Dark areas make great hiding places, and can encourage burglars to try their luck. You don’t need to light up the whole area, you can use motion sensor lights throughout your yard to deter burglars and other dodgy individuals. This is also a green security solution as motion sensor lights do not burn all night long!

7. Not Maintaining Your Security System

Be sure to check your security system periodically to make sure it’s in working order. You should also have it checked by a professional every year. Additionally, secure your home with trellis fixtures and burglar guards to create physical barriers and emergency security solutions that will benefit you for years to come.

8. Announcing Holiday Plans on Social Media

Remember this is a public platform. There is no need to announce to the world that you’re leaving your house empty for a period. Be sure to also announce your house sitter and be careful what you post. Consider posting holiday photos once you are back home safely.

9. Leaving Lights Off Inside

Most people leave at least one light on when they go on vacation, but if a burglar watches your house all evening and doesn’t see any lights turn on or off, he’ll realise no one is home. Instead, connect your lights to digital timers so it seems like someone is there – program different lights in different rooms to come on at different times to give a realistic impression.

10. Forgetting to Stop Deliveries

If your mailbox is overflowing and there are several newspapers on your driveway, it’s a dead giveaway you’re not home. Ask someone to get your mail, and temporarily cancel the newspaper. This rids your home of another indicator that it is standing empty.

It never hurts to be cautious. Secure your home properly this holiday season and enjoy the festive period with confidence that your home and family are protected. Follow our blog for more useful advice and don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your home security requirements.

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